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Route 66

Welcome all Route 66 and Martin Milner Fans.
Route66 Products is proud to offer you exclusive Martin Milner Route 66 Collectibles.
Through his portrayel of “Tod Stiles” on the hit Television Show Route 66,
Martin Milner captivated audiences worldwide. If you want to learn more
about Martin Milner or Route 66 please visit us.

"My heart was beating to the rhythm of the ponies pounding under the bulge of the big block hood.
The vette was a silver roadster with a black interior, black ragtop and a black hood stinger
(not original, but who cared in '73?) "Wanna go for ..." Sure! He didn't need to finish the question.
After all, my admiration of vettes had begun while McDonald's still had golden arches
and gas prices reflected my waist size. Yup, this ... this would be my first ride!
As we exploded through the expressway on-ramp, my life had changed.
This plastic fantastic was forever in my blood."

Surfing in California!

Like many of us, Pepe Sanchez, a stocky, 39 year-old goofyfoot lawyer from Santa Monica,
lived the contentious life of a North American surfer. He juggled values which constantly wavered
between interest rates and interest in the surf; each day waffling between "keeping up with the Jones'"
and keeping up with his surfjones. A highly competitive, crowded Los Angeles surf scene
combined with Sanchez's busy work schedule at a prominent Los Angeles law firm
didn't ease the tension any. Although highly successful,
at least when measured against the norms of American society,
he knew something had to give..

Martin's Route 66 Story

"Though traveling off the tourist path
I often stayed on the interstates between medium-sized cities.
I have been on I-40 between Oklahoma and California several times
and I have seen the occasional "Historic Route 66" sign along the way
when stopping for the night or at a gas station.
I had heard of Route 66 before, but at the time just did not know exactly what it was.
The signs were there but where was the road? I never quite figured that out at the time
and the exact meaning of "Get your kicks on Route 66" eluded me too."

Visiting Arizona

Forget all your cares as you travel the path of Historic Route 66.
Crossing Northern Arizona from west to east,
Route 66 offers many small towns to make you feel at home.
Native American hand crafts abound in this region of the state
as Route 66 crosses the Navajo Indian Reservation
and nears the Hopi Indian Reservation.


"It was once the "definitive road" linking the nation,
Chicago to Los Angeles, "Route 66," a ribbon of asphalt and concrete
that has come to symbolize a bygone era in our traveling history.
"66" is today enjoying a revival of sorts among history and nostalgia buffs
or anyone who wants to discover America
and recapture a sense of adventure."

By 1940, Route 66 was designated through Albuquerque, New Mexico east to west
on Central Avenue for some three years following the completion of the new straight line
alignment from west of Santa Rosa to near Correos that bypassed the former Santa Fe
and Los Lunas loops. This re-routing was reported to have saved travelers as much as
four hours of driving time across New Mexico.
The tourist strip along Central had rapidly developed in just three years -
more than tripling from just 10 tourist courts in 1937 to 35 in 1940.
Even that number would pale in comparison to the number of lodging establishments
to be found in the post World War II years when Route 66 was entering its heyday.
By the mid-1950s there would be over 100 lodging establishments
along Central for the entire 20 mile length through the Duke City
from Tijeras Canyon to Nine Mile Hill.

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